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Sew your own gorgeous Floral Heart decorations with this lovely kit. 

The kit makes 5 items.  These lovely pastel coloured felt decorations will look lovely as individual decorations on a twiggy tree, o thread them onto a length of ribbon to make a garland.


Each item is approximately 9cm tall (plus hanging loop).


Each kit makes 5 items. 


Flower hearts include: Daffodil, Daisy, Snowdrop, Tulip and Roses.


-Plenty of Wool blend felt
--Buttons, seed beads and sequins

-Pre cut daisies and roses


-Step by step instructions (in English) with photographs



Embroidery thread (cut from the skein) and stuffing are available as an add on.  Please note adding stuffing to your kit will mean it is sent as a small parcel instead. Alternatively, stuffing can be purchased from local haberdashery stores or online auction sites easily.You will need to supply your own needle, scissors and pins.



This item is for personal use only. Items made from this kit may not be sold. All designs are property of The Banner Boutique.*This kit is not suitable for young children. Completed items are decorative purposes only and must be kept out of reach of children*.

Sew your own Floral Hearts

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